Dr. Leslie combines a variety of tools (e.g., lecture, discussion, videos, activities, anecdotal stories, role playing and humor), a dynamic presentation style and years of personal, educational, and professional experience working with

thousands of families, organizations, mental health providers, the court system, school personnel, and early childhood educators to captivate, entertain and educate her audiences guaranteeing a memorable and inspiring learning experience for all.

Comprehensive Curricula, Interactive Formats

A Broad Selection of Topics on:

• Parenting Education
• Parent-Child Relationships
• Effects of Childhood Abuse and Neglect
• Intervention Options for Children with                    Emotional/Behavioral Problems

Each seminar is uniquely designed for its audience and includes the latest research and information on general child development and parenting literature including early brain development, parent-child relationships, attachment, abuse and neglect, social, cultural and gender issues, and family life.  

Session #1 (two days):
“The Effects of Abuse, Neglect, and Chaos on Child Development”

1)  Developmental theories. What is development? How does it happen?
2)  Normal development and development of severely traumatized children.
     This includes research on  brain development and attachment behaviors.
3)  Define abuse, neglect, and chaos in the context of today’ s society.
4)  Risk-factors and their effects on child outcomes.
5)  Behaviors associated with traumatized children – infancy through adolescence.

Session #1 (2 days) 
$2600 + Travel Expenses

Session #2 (1 day) 
$1500 + Travel Expenses

Session #3 (1 day)
 $1500 + Travel Expenses

Book all 4 days at a rate
of  $5000
a savings of  $600 

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other training seminars
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Session #2 (one day):
“Fostering/Parenting the Traumatized Child”

1) Structure and function of parent-child relationships
2) The negative-positive behavior paradox
3) Family life unique to foster/adoptive homes
4) Differences between discipline and punishment
5) Differences between behavior and discipline problems
6) The four principles of “positive discipline”
7) Relationship Coach model

Session #3 (one day):
“Treatment Options for Children and their Families”

1) Differentiating traditional and developmentally sensitive philosophies.
2) Theories and practice
3) Demystifying “attachment” therapy
4) Techniques of the developmentally sensitive therapist.

Mini Workshop               Half Day                   Full Day         Multiple Days
  (2 hours)                     (3-4 hours)              (6-7 hours)          (2-4 days)
    $450                        $675 – $850               $1500           $2500 – $5000

“I just wanted to say thank you for your inspiring workshop yesterday.  I was truly moved by the depth of your suggestions and how they reached the truth of helping children and parents.  I wish every Social Worker or child worker could be introduced to your concepts.  We are overdue for a paradigm change!  There is hope!  Thanks again and keep up this wonderful work.”

M..Beal, MSW

“My wife and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful, inspirational talk that you gave on Monday. It had the effect of
re-energizing both of us toward being better parents.  We came home and talked for hours about how we can improve and re commit to providing our son a more constructive and relevant home environment.  Thanks for your perspective and your confidence in your commitment to raising sensible children!”
Keith and Lucinda

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