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In-Home Parent Coaching

In-home family coaching is an intensive, short-
term service, which focuses on problem solving and building family strengths. Issues most receptive to in-home coaching are parenting difficulties, family member roles, behavior management for home and school, and marital challenges regarding raising children . In-home coaching often includes:

Observations of the family where they live, work, and play (e.g., home, school, day care).

Facilitation of family meetings in which all observations, needs, conflicts, and goals are discussed.

Modeling of appropriate behaviors and attitudes

Coaching the parents and the children (they act on her instructions).

Co-creation of a family plan of action

Follow-up visits and phone consultations

In-home parent coaching of foster/adoptive families, families in crisis and/or at risk for Social Service intervention, and those families already in care. Adoption assistance can be billed for this service.


Parent workshops, PTA workshops, support groups, and weekend retreats are arranged upon request. Foster and adoptive parent training seminars can be available in your county.


Child-Focused separation and divorce agreements – for parents who wish to best meet the needs of their children during the often difficult process of separation/divorce. By combining the structure and principles of mediation with thorough training and experience in parenting education, we are
able to:

help parents incorporate parenting
concerns within their separation plans.

help parents design plans for reducing
child stress and for effective co-parenting during the separation and after the divorce.

provide follow-up in-home coaching (if
requested) to each parent to help them
implement their plan.

offer attorneys a companion service for
their clients in need of specialized assistance.

In-home parent-coaching is available upon request.  Fees are $100 per hour plus travel expenses.  Phone consultation is free for the first ten minutes. $1 a minute after that.   

For marriage and couples counseling go to www.judithbarnett.com

Judith S. Barnett, Ph.D. is an experienced licensed clinical psychologist, located in Chapel Hill, NC, helping individuals and couples for over 20 years.

Services Available:

Individual Psychotherapy
Marriage Counseling
Relationship Counseling
Imago Relationship Therapy
Relationship Coaching Sessions
Telephone Counseling/Coaching Sessions

Specializing In:

couple communication, conflict management, infidelity, affairs, divorce prevention, enhancing passion and intimacy,  constructive couples dialogue, anger/rage containment and positive anger expression, re-romanticizing

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